Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I totally missed my show last night. Yes, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was on last night, and I missed it. My friend totally sent me a text as I was sitting in traffic trying to get to my Godsister's hotel in El Segundo. For some reason, traffic on the streets were a bitch last night. I hate Lincoln Blvd. when it's so backed-up. If I could've given it a laxative, I totally would have.

The night wasn't a complete loss, though. I still managed to have a nice time with my two Godsisters as we ate at
Back Home in Lahaina. It was absolutely yummm-o. Chicken katsu, beef teriyaki... yum. I went home full and fat.

I'm still a little disturbed about missing my show. That being said, does anyone wanna pick this up for me via LOL!

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Cookie Everman said...

You know what the real HMMMPH is? That you got to eat at a Hawaiian restaurant! Nakakainggit talaga! Next time, have some kalua pork or lomi-lomi for your old ate, will ya?

OMG YAYSON! said...

yo! this is my new blogspace!

Christeeny said...

your blog title always makes me think of weird science.

light a match.

BTW, you've been tagged. check my blog. kthxbai