Saturday, October 6, 2007


Fall is definitely here.

When I woke-up this morning, I felt that familiar crisp-ness in the air. It was definitely one of the first real 'cool' days since the summer ended, and it got my senses going in all sorts of directions. Fall reminds me of back-to-school. Though I loathe having to sit in traffic on the way to the office because school is back in session, I still have a soft spot for my own back-to-school memories.

Fall reminds me of walking to the bus stop in the mornings... or hopping in the neighbor's car with other kids from the block... or even packing up my own car and driving back to my dorm. Fall reminds me of jackets and coats and boots. Fall reminds me of hearty dinners and lots of libations. Fall reminds me of holidays and family and friends. Fall reminds me of jackets and coats and boots---oh wait, Ialready said that.

That being said, I made a pit-stop at Bloomingdale's on my way to the gym today. I tried on this jacket (well, it's a coat by SoCal standards). It's by G-Star, and is totally not in my budget right now. But I made the mistake of trying it on; the first jacket/coat I tried on for the season. Needless to say, nothing else I tried on afterwards dared to match it. As much as I wanted to whip out the plastic and bring this baby home, I had to stop myself. I'm just not sure that I'm ready to shell out $260.00 for it. I went to Zara and found another one that I liked a lot, too; that one goes for $189.00. I've definitely got some things to think over.


So I've moved from my old spot on After 1,710 days with Xanga, I've decided it's time for change. Out with "Effectuation," and in with "floatin' an air biscuit." I chose "floatin'..." as the title of this blog simply because it is appropriate for the kind of rants that come from me. Let the words speak for themselves...


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