Monday, October 8, 2007


Many of you know the madness that is SPRINKLES. Reminiscent of NYC's cupcake craze with the opening of Magnolia Bakery some years back, Sprinkles shares a quite similar story. When former investment bankers, Charles and Candace Nelson, decided to leave their six-figure salaries to ... bake cupcakes ... Sprinkles was born. (And for that, we praise and we thank you, Lord.)

Sprinkles opened their first store on Little Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills a couple of years ago. Nestled just doors away from Monique Lhuillier's BevHill's boutique, it's no wonder that many a bride-to-be found themselves not being able to fit in their nicely-coiffed gowns at the last minute due to their quick dashes into Sprinkles (I'm totally just kidding). The little spot offers a menu of specially-flavored cupcakes served on certain days of the week, with a few regulars sold daily (Red Velvet is one of their more popular flavors). Even today, the line to Sprinkles tends to extend far from the shade of the awning above the store's door.

The Nelsons offered the opportunity for franchises, and now Sprinkles stores are slowly popping up at several major cities on the West, with plans to invade the East very-very soon. Among them - Phoenix, Dallas, and Newport Beach... with plans for stores to open in DC and Chicago in the very near future.

But now adoring fans won't have to wait for their local franchise to open its doors. Williams-Sonoma has picked-up the brand, and is now offering Sprinkles cupcake mix at their stores nationwide (and on-line). So you can even pick-up a box if you live in Joplin, MO (as long as there's a Williams-Sonoma there). Of course making the cupcakes yourelf isn't nearly as cool a novelty as it is to actually wait in line and buy the slightly over-priced buggers. But if you're stuck in a little nook of Kentucky, perhaps the Williams-Sonoma route would be the best way to go (again, as long as there's a Williams-Sonoma in a little nook of Kentucky).

Many people love Sprinkles; some find them overrated. I am on-the-fence. I salivate at the thought of having one of their Black and White cupcakes, while I could absolutely pass on their so-called best-selling Red Velvet (I am a fan of Toast's version of the red velvet cupcake). Still some people are appalled at the price - hitting almost $4 a pop. But in essense, it's all more of an experience than anything else. Cynics will come and go, but sweet-toothed junkies will always find a reason to love and appreciate Sprinkles. Maybe it's because of their pink boxes and brown stickers... or the little, colored candy button that sits atop each cake... or maybe it's the torture of standing in line (damn you, sadists!!!). Whatever it is, it's working.

Sprinkles is trendy. In the same way that Pinkberry has changed the face of frozen yogurt to suit a more pop-culturally friendly generation, Sprinkles is here to spread cupcake joy to the masses.

Prepare for world conversion, non-believers.


Sprinkles, 9635 Little Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, 310.274.8765

Willams-Sonoma Stores Nationwide

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Steve said...

Now I want a cupcake. I don't care if itz a Sprinkles cupcake or a cupcake with sprinkles. I want a friggin cupcake. I might just have to settle for a Twinkie in my breakroom vending machine. Which isn't too bad but I really want a cupcake. Damn u Wendel. Damn u.

**Rit moved to Seattle. He just landed a few hours ago. Snap.