Thursday, October 11, 2007


You know how internet search engines now-a-days usually come equipped with that auto-populating thingy that pretty much types up options for you to choose in case you need help? For instance, if you type in the word "diesel," you'll most likely get a list that includes the following options: "diesel gas," "diesel gas prices," "Diesel jeans," "Vin Diesel," etc. You get the point. So anyway, I was going back and forth with my co-worker about how much we always talk about food. We literally talk about food way too many times for our own good. I think we gain over 400 pounds a day just talking about food. Even while we're chompin' down on something, we are STILL talking about what else we'll be stuffing in our mouths only minutes or seconds later. And then we go to the gym... (but that's a completely different story)

Anyway, I decided that I'd do a search on something random. I decided that I'd use the word "yummy" as my base, and my intent was to type something like "yummy food," or something to that effect. So I put my cursor on the Yahoo! web search box, and I started typing "yummy." Let me tell you what showed up:

yummy pinays
yummy yummy
yummy mummy
yummy cupcakes
yummy bingham

OK - WHAT THE F*CK? What the eff is that all about? How is the inter-f*cking-net going to put "yummy pinays" as the first choice after typing in "yummy?" Umm, what if my niece was typing the word "yummy" into her search engine, and she came across that and thought that it was OK for her to be considered an effin' "yummy pinay?"

OK, Yahoo! better wash its mouth with soap!

I can go with some of the other options: "yummy yummy" is actually the name of the Chinese take-out place that's near my parents' house in MD (I'd been getting food there for years - haahaha); "yummy mummy" is questionable; "yummy cupcakes" works; what the hell is "yummy bingham?" All I can say is that I am appalled that "yummy pinays" topped this list.


(ghettoness emerges)

My sistas just got done wrong, ya'll... Forreal tho! I'm sure there are some "appropriate" instances when a Pinay may refer to herself as 'yummy' --- but that should be between her and whoever is doin' the tasting that night (or day - depending on when they're doin' the damn thang)! Other than that, there is NO effin' reason that Pinays should be referred to as "yummy" ---esp. on the internet!

Ooooh! This ain't right, ya'll! I'm about to go Asian American activist on someone in a minute!

(i'm sure i'll be over this in a minute and a half, though... see, i already am. but it's still effed up...)


liveleah said...

omg wen. i'm getting scary flashbacks. can we stick to the foodie posts please?

Crisa said...

hey you!

Anonymous said...

this is a yummy comment