Saturday, October 20, 2007


Maryland's homecoming 2007 is an official bust. The Cavaliers got us by one point. I'm annoyed. I'm glad I didn't go to that MD-alumni thing on The Promenade today. I almost went right after Mass, but something told me not to. I ended up swinging by Whole Foods, and then coming home to catch the game on ESPN.

Oh well. My dinner is 10x more exciting: baby spinach salad w/baked chicken chunks, chopped roma tomatoes, a little bleu cheese, a sprinkle of parm, cracked pepper, and low-fat ranch -- all stuffed into mini-whole wheat pitas (which I stole from my roomie - ahahah...). Yum.

Anyway. I'm watching this show on The History Channel about an American family that was abducted while vacationing in Palawan (sometime in 2001). This was an incident that took place just prior to 9/11. In fact, when 9/11 happened, the family was still held hostage by the Abu Sayaf. I figure that they had a happy ending because the woman is talking about it on this TV show, and I actually don't feel like watching it anymore to find out. Complete apathy. *burp* I'm full.


Towards the end of Mass, I ditched the communion line and went to stand in the back so that I could "sneak out" as soon as the Priest bade us to "go in peace..." (Bad, I know... but at least I can admit it!) But while I was standing in the back, I caught eye of this placard that had the names of some of the church's benefactors and/or donors. On the top of the placard it read (something to the effect of...) "Our heartfelt thanks to the following, whose generosity helped rebuild Saint Monica parish after the earthquake of 1994." So you know my ass was like, "Father, please hurry-up and let us go in peace because I am SCURRRED!"

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