Monday, October 29, 2007


I hosted my very first "dinner/gathering" at home this past Friday night. It was a post-Oktoberfest themed soiree, complete with lots of beer and food (bratwurst & cabbage slow cooked stew, cucumber/dill salad, potato salad w/bacon and mustard, roasted pork loin and sweet & sour cabbage). Family and friends brought over everything from cupcakes to streudel to wine to more beer to even mochi and beer coqs (which, btw, were the best things ever... look it up to find out what it is). There ended up being a nice mix of different things at the table, but the festive air was definitely Oktoberfest-ish ---just like being in Munich. OK, maybe not that serious, but there was great company nonetheless.

I'm already getting the ideas rollin' for the next get-together. Aside from the Thanksgiving day feast that we are already planning for, I am thinking of throwing a pre-Christmas thing at the apartment -- this time with an Italian or Spanish theme. Italian and/or Spanish food seems quite festive and hearty - the perfect Winter-esque meal for the holidays. If not, I'll go for an Irish feel and serve up lots of bangers and mash with cases of Guiness served alongside it. Whatever the case may be, I'm looking forward to hosting - and getting my cooking chops back in order.


I'm anticipating a busy couple of days. My Godsis is going to be in town for the next day or two for work. My nephew and his fiancee are planning on having an "L.A." weekend for their 7th year anniversary. Another friend might be in town for a wedding this weekend. I'm starting to feel a bit flustered and overwhelmed. But at the same time, I'm just throwing my hands in the air, and allowing whatever is supposed to happen happen. I've also got plans to venture into WeHo for Halloween on Wednesday, and then a couple of friends and I are in the audience for The Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson after work on Thursday. So there's a lot going on. Throw in plans for my share of the Thanksgiving meal, and then trying to get as much Christmas shopping done between now and a date early-enough for me to send off my presents so that they reach the East Coast on time, and I'm one busy fcuker.

A good friend of mine will be in town just a day or two after Thanksgiving, and I've already got reservations at Coast
(in Santa Monica) and Charcoal (in Hollywood). And I can't wait for Brasserie Beck back in DC... whenever that'll happen...

The foodie in me is ready to be unleashed yet again... (It's been a while...)

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Cookie Everman said...

How fun! You go with your foodie badassery! Dusty and I were on a Spanish/Mexican food kick a couple weeks back, mostly because of Robert Rodriguez and his breakfast tacos:

Muy delicioso!