Tuesday, December 30, 2008



I feel like a crappy mess. If I had to break it down, I'd say that I am suffering from 2 parts of feeling sick (a stuffy nose and itchy throat sucks) and 2 parts of feeling fat. No, wait... 8 parts of feeling fat. I act like this is all new to me, but it's a song and dance that I am all too familiar with: I get down with the post-Thanksgiving weight-loss plan, only to let that go to shit when I fly back East for Christmas. But it's not like you can help it. When you go home to a Filipino Christmas, you best realize that there is a food involved... and TONS of it. You've got eats during Noche Buena, and while that usually consists of arroz caldo and a list of sweets and desserts, you tend to indulge in obscene amounts of these things.

The food-fest continues on to Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch, and then the Good-God-Almighty Christmas dinner. This year our dinner was made up of both traditional Pilipino and American-based dishes. To name a few...

Pancit Bihon
Roast Beef w/Baby Bok-Choy
Roasted Chicken
Sarciado (Fish)
Hawaiian-Style Macaroni Salad
Curried Chicken & Rice Salad

There were others, but my head is clouded right now. I popped a Sudafed in my mouth earlier, and now I'm starting to feel the effects... I'm loopy.

And I'm struggling to type this entry.

I think I'm stopping for now ...

So sleepy.

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