Sunday, February 3, 2008


Super Bowl XLII is now over, and I couldn't be more happy with the end result. Funny thing is that I originally came into this season as a Patriots fan. I guess after the "home" team (Redskins) had left a trail of disappointing years of football, I had eventually turned to the Pats as my sort-of 'unofficial' team. I had followed them, although not 100%, the past few years, and haven't ever been disappointed. Even coming into this season, I threw them my support. But truthfully, as it got closer to the game I wasn't really sure. For me, either the Pats or Giants could win just because they're both East Coast teams.

Superficially, though, I think I got over Tom Brady. Maybe because of his dunzo relationship with Bridget Moynahan, I don't know. I was over Tom Brady, and so I was over the Pats. I turned to NY because: (1) I just needed a change of pace, and (2) I wanted Eli Manning to win since Peyton won with the Colts last year. Still superficial, I know.

But in the end, that's exactly what happened. Eli Manning lead his team to the win, and all ended nicely. To the credit of both teams, it was a good game! Totally worth the few hours in front of the TV.

The funny thing about watching the Super Bowl out West is that it ends early, and so you've got a few more hours to kill before ending the weekend. In other words, there's more sobering time for those who treaded the road to intoxication. Ha! Back East, you'd have to go to work the morning after a Super Bowl with a hang-over. Out here, not-so-much. It's weird.

Anyway. Good job, Giants! Super Bowl 42 is yours: 17 to 14...! Peyton, I'm sure, is proud...!

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ostacy said...

yes, it was a struggle to wake up the next morning. =*