Sunday, November 11, 2007


It's Sunday night, and I'm reeling off of the two drinks I made myself. Note to all of you sane people out there: never make yourself drinks at night. I'm in bad shape. I should never be given free range to use a bottle of vodka, a shaker, and whatever else is in the fridge. I've consumed an olive martini (sans the vermouth), and then a vodka/coke zero - as if the coke zero was to make-up for the fact that I was literally effin' myself up. I'm surprised I'm actually concentrating hard enough to edit this post accordingly. I should be going to bed.

Oh, per my last post... I totally didn't play the game right. I posted that joint, and then forgot to post on each person's page that I wanted them to "play the game." Whatever. I'm buzzed right now. If I wasn't, I'd probably be more sympathetic. But right now ---not so much. I'm trying to watch "The Wizard of Oz" on TBS as I type this. I should be in bed, but I want to scare myself by seeing the witch. But now that I've seen "Wicked" the musical, I'm over her. OK, so she's on TV right now and I'm totally not scared. Whatever.

Damn green bitch.

Anyway. So wanna know something great? I totally finished Christmas shopping for all the kids in my life ---well, all of the ina-anaks that I have, and my nephews (and niece!) back home. *pat-on-my back* I'm super excited about it! I'm halfway through with my shopping. I hate shopping, unless it's for myself. Note to self: I'm in need of gray jeans or cords. I'm thinking Citizens of Humanity, or Diesel - since they come in my length. The one thing that blows about premium denim is having to get that shit hemmed. Effers.

What the fuck? I should be in bed. I want Carl's Jr.


(SIDE NOTE: I often times have split-personality-esque conversations with myself.)

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