Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I don’t want to post about how fat I’ve become since this past Thanksgiving holiday. It’s pretty obvious that I am not the lone soldier feeling that post-holiday poundage piling on. The last time I worked out was last Friday, and I am still teetering between going to the gym after work today… or not. At first I was resigned to call this a ‘fat’ week, but I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t be so lazy. Eh. We’ll see how I feel later.

So. Knock out the feelings of fat, and substitute with feelings of stress. Part of me feels super anxious to get my gifts all packed-up and sent off to wherever they’re supposed to go. But another part of me feels like I have at least till the beginning of the second week of December. Hmmm. Part of me feels the angst of the holiday food situation. But another part of me says “eff it.” Still, part of me is stressin’ over finding a new pair of pants, even if the ones that I want cost like $145+. Eh. I already tried going for the $40- pair, but I had to send those back. Grrr. As you can see, I can be phased by stupid things.


So this past weekend, I had two nights of serious dining. Leah came through L.A., so you know the foodie-fest was imminent. Saturday night we had dinner at Morel’s at The Grove. Instead of dining casually at the café, we went upstairs for the “real deal” dinner. We dined on kobe beef, a tuna steak, and some other fish dish. It was pretty yum – even after I spent $80 on my portion of dinner. Ha! Eighty-shmeighty. It was a YUM meal, and I hadn’t dined like that in a long time. Sunday night we went to Hollywood, of course forgetting that the Hollywood Christmas Parade was being taped that evening. Boo. We ran into a bit of a traffic issue, but it was very short-lived (thank goodness). We finally found our way to Sunset and Vine, and we had dinner at Charcoal – an Adolfo Sauya project. It was actually very yum, and we hearted it ALL! Leah got the sea bass, Ning got the ahi steak, and I had the gaucho skirt steak with chimichurri sauce. Uh, yum. That, a couple rounds of drinks, and a funnel cake to end things --- all made-up a very yummable dining experience. (Yummable. That’s my new word.) We went home happy, but not overly stuffed. It was perfect. Def would go again.
Anyway. Soon enough, the real world came back to bite me in the ass. So now Holiday 2007 Phase I has ended. I am eagerly awaiting Phase II. I need to crack the whip and get all my presents boxed, wrapped, and sent. Christmas will be here before we know it.

Pass the bottle… OF LAXATIVES.


Cookie Everman said...

Chile, please! I haven't seen you in person since UM days [Sadness!], but I have seen photos and all I gotta say is daaayaaamn you is lookin' fiiine! So shut up about this fat nonsense. You're adorable!

Wen said...

umm, this is why i LOOOOOVE me some ate cookie everman! *mwaaaa*