Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It's been a busy house here in Santa Monica. I left the office at noon today, and trucked it home. Brought the left-over bagels from work, and shared them with the roomies. We started cleaning the apartment, and then prepping for our debut Thanksgiving meal. We have a few guests coming over, so we want to make this good. I made the pumpkin cheesecake, and luckily there was enough batter to make a "sample" one. Sho' nuff, we tore that sample shit up. Uh, yum. This one's a sure addition to my repertoire. I chopped the veggies and herbs for the pumpkin penne that I'll make in the morning, and I get to throw a roast into the slow cooker before I go to bed. Uh, excited much?! Hell yeah!

Gina just completed the gingerbread house, and it's super cute. So proud of her!

Ning put together the giblet gravy (a la Emeril), and I'm liking it - a lot. She's also got the turkey marinating in the fridge, and her potatoes are ready to be thrown into the oven for the final melt-down. Yum.

In other news, my foodie-friend - Leah - will be here on Saturday, which is great because it means I get to revive my account. Not that I've let it go or anything. The last time I used it was this past March, and I have a reservation in place for this Sunday, and another reservation for next month. I was hoping to score a 1,000-pt reservation, but not-so-much. Oh well. I'm eligible to redeem points anyhow. I can be such an whore.

The food frenzy begins tomorrow. Actually, it started today so I forced myself to go to the gym tonight. Eh. Futile attempt, to be completely honest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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