Monday, August 24, 2009


Random thought: I have always felt that Michelle Trachtenberg was just a so-so actress. She has never done anything extraordinary enough for me to care about her... until Gossip Girl. While I know that I have pretty much dug my own grave by admitting that I enjoy watching the trash that is GG, I must say that engaging in the show has been a nice 'escape' from the lame shows about emo kids from L.A. Once Laguna Beach ended, and after Lauren Conrad left The Hills, there really wasn't any reason to watch a tired show like 90210. I mean how lame is that?

So when the world of TV decided to bring back teen angst to
NYC, I couldn't have been more happier. There's nothing like following the lives of socialite kids (and I'm talking about "real" East Coast / old money socialite kids) and all their senseless drama. Instead of watching them cry at the beach after having their heart broken, they make phone calls to have people kidnapped, or eat their feelings at Per Se. It's a different world from where they come from, for sure.

Now back to Michelle Trachtenberg. Again, she definitely was not on my list of favorite people to watch. As that whiny bitch on Buffy, she annoyed me. I didn't follow the show well enough anyway, so that didn't help her cause. But on the other hand, as the cold-hearted 'Georgina Sparks' on GG, Michelle Trachtenberg has bitched her way to my heart.

The thing is I know she's got some new show starting up this Fall, so I'm not sure how she'll continue to be 'Georgina' on GG. It would be tragic if she didn't at least make her way to B's dorm room when the season starts again in a few weeks. If I had to choose to watch her as a rookie nurse, or catch her as a collegiate terror at NYU... I'd choose --OK, do I even have to go there??!

As pointless as this post may be, at least M.Trachtenberg has another fan.

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