Monday, January 14, 2008


After writing-up my 5-part “essay” on my trip home for the holidays – wait – I mean after writing-up my 5-part “essay” on the places I ate at and/or the food I consumed on my trip home for the holidays, I feel like it’s time to break-away from the chow-babble, and move on to other things. Although I am leaning towards focusing my internet blog-space on my gastronomic experiences more and more, I still consider myself to be an “equal opportunity blogger.” For that reason alone, I feel obligated to touch upon other things. This time around, I am going to focus on words. Yes, I just said (or typed) that I will focus this entry on “words.” And not just any words. There are specific words that I want to write about… three of them, actually.

So let’s begin…

As you know, with every ‘new year’ comes buckets full of resolutions. Yes, that’s right. Reso-F*CKING-lutions.” New Years resolutions are retarded. No wait, they’re f*cking retarded. I mean what do people honestly get from making these so-called resolutions, 90% of which never come to fruition anyway? To those who do make them, and stick to them, I applaud you. In fact, you deserve my utmost respect, love and affection. To those who don’t, however, I’m so over it – so you should probably be over it, too.

I, personally, make goals. And I don’t make any mind-altering goals that will change my life forever. Instead, I make plans to reach certain reasonably-attainable goals. For 2007, I didn’t plan on making any goals at all. I actually think I went into 2007 with some kind of chip on my shoulder, but this time around was definitely different. I’ll spare you the details of the mind-opening epiphany that lead me to believe that my 2008 would be amazing, but I will say that I have decided on at least one goal: to be conversational in a foreign language. And I’m not talking Tagalog or Ilocano or anything; I’m talking real deal Russian or German or maybe even French. Don’t ask me why or how or when, but someway, somehow – I will.

OK, so this is actually two words. But the words combined are used to describe a political view, or standpoint. As of today, I have learned that I am a “Moderate Liberal.” This surprises me and doesn’t. I’ve always considered myself to lean more towards the liberal end of the room (or the conservative end, depending on which side you’re standing on; liberal Republican, conservative Democrat). Perhaps it was my up-bringing which lead me to believe that. I come from a Republican family, believe it or not. Dad is former military; parents are extremely Catholic… Fiscally, I wouldn’t consider mom/dad to be Right Wing-ers, but they’ll be the first to claim it. Despite my more liberal views, I always considered myself to be Republican (at least fiscally). And I never took that too seriously. Example: I am extremely against abortion, but I am for a woman’s right to choose. The abortion issue aside, however, I have not been apt to participate in politics in the last few years. In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I voted.

Well, with all the talk about Hillary, Obama, Giuliani, and blah-blah-blah, I couldn’t help but wonder: where the hell do I stand? To find out in the easiest way possible, my friend, Mike, suggested I take an on-line “quiz” to determine where I stand. Two or three quizzes later (and after one quiz deemed me a “socialist/communist” –uh, no…), I have been knighted as a “Moderate Liberal.” I guess it still has me right around the middle – but more so Democratic than Republican. (*stomping-foot-on-ground*) I’m sure I will expound on this as the pages of the 2008 political novel are turned. “Moderate Liberal.” Go figure.

I heard my co-worker use the word “cised” the other day, and after she said it, she must’ve caught the expression on my face. It was seriously one of comfort, yet laden with specks of alarm all over. First of all, who says that word… in California? Second, why would anyone use it?

For those NOT “in the know,” the word “cised” is (according to “DC Metro area slang that is most comparable to the word ‘stoked.’” Yes. This is true. This word was once an integral part of my vocab. As a grade/middle/high school student in PG County, you had to have said the word “cised.” Anyway, my co-worker did live in DC for a while – and attended Howard University for a few years. That would explain why she even knew the word. Anyway, I was cised that she said it, too.

So, boys and girls, these are the words of the day: RESOLUTION, MODERATE LIBERAL, and CISED. Now go out there and use them in a sentence.


Cookie Everman said...

I've been DYING to use "cised" in a sentence, but I can't figure out how to pronounce it. Urban dictionary was no help, so please enlighten us.

Wen said...

ahahaha... it's like saying "spiced" but without the "p..." i keep forgetting you're a baltimore girl, atz! ahahaha!