Saturday, December 19, 2009


Growing up as a kid, I remember when I used to love the forecasting of snow. When snow would actually happen, I'd wake-up early to turn on the TV and check the listing of school closings to make sure that Prince Georges County Public Schools would make the list. In those days, that kind of small-time victory always made life better. That continued through college as well when classes would be cancelled, and I'd spend my days couped up in my dorm watching soaps, eating instant ramen, and contemplating on whether or not I should crack open the books...all while snow fell outside my window.

These days, the real world reality of snow makes me cringe. While it's beautiful to look at, it definitely can come with a price -- especially if you're in an area where the handling of snow has yet to be perfected. Handling snow is a science that the Metro DC area has not come to embrace as well as other areas in the northeast or midwest have. In DC, a foot of snow will shut things down, and essentially keep you locked up indoors. I, for one, fear cabin fever. While I do encounter days when I wouldn't mind kicking back and staying in, I find that it's always when I have no choice than to be couped-up indoors that I want to roam free.

Last night, the snow ju
st started to fall as I parked my car outside my parents' house. I had just worked a 10-hour day, and spent another hour or so doing cardio at the gym. I figured that since it's the last weekend before Christmas, I'd drop my stuff off at home, hop back into the car, and head out to the mall. When the snow began to fall, I wasn't deterred. In fact, it only fueled my fire to get out even more. So I put my stuff away, changed clothes, and grabbed a quick bite... and despite my parents' questions on my crazy decision to step out in the snow, I grabbed my coat and keys, and headed back into VA. The drive was cake... Just like driving on a rainy day.

I got to the mall & made my rounds: hit up the sales, and left with two pairs of pants, a sweater, and a wine stopper. Score! I was absolutely happy that my ambition came with much reward.

It wasn't until I left the mall that the worry started to set-in. Just as I drove outside the parking garage, I had noticed that the snow had already blanketed most of the local roads, and there were cars already pulled off to the side of the road with blinking hazards on. I stopped in front of the ice rink at Pentagon Row for a second to take in the scenery: snow falling upon a holiday themed square full of lights, Christmas trees, fake snow flakes, and everything else that you come to associate with the holiays. It was the perfect scene, and I was quickly reminded that I am home. For a quick few minutes, the road treachery escaped me and I found myself in a state of bliss.

Then the worry came back just as quickly as it had left. I could hear the violins, which were playing in my mind, come to a screeching halt. So I slipped on the slush as I made my way back to my car (Umm, aren't Uggs supposed to be good in the snow?! Not so much.), and made a conscious effort to take the freeway home in fear of the snow-laden streets.

Thankfully, the freeway was free of debris for the most part. But at many points, the traffic went along at 1 MPH, which I was fine with. I was super worried that someone would try to be a superstar and slide past me at 5 MPH, and possibly hit me - or someone else - along the way. So what ended up being a 20 minute drive to the mall turned into an almost hour-long drive back home via 395 and 295.

Once I was home safe, I settled back in to warm-up. I opened a bottle of red, had a couple of glasses, then I fell asleep with the knowledge that come morning there would be more snow for me to enjoy. Yay.

And so now I am here at home, annoying myself with cabin fever. My mom is cooking something obviously Filipino. The smell of garlic is wafting through the house, and is seriously enveloping me despite the fact that I took a shower this morning.

I feel like I'm 13 again, and I don't know whether to laugh about it, or prepare myself for the noose.

I'll laugh. For now.

PS: Snow, why couldn't you have waited to fall on Sunday night instead?

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