Monday, December 17, 2007


I’m not a fan of bathroom chatter. It’s just not something I take part in. For some odd reason I clam-up if someone starts talking to me while I’m doin’ my thang in the bathroom. I get all nervous, and then I feel conscious at the fact that I have to concentrate on two things at once. Not that I have an issue with multi-tasking, which I do ALL the time. But the bathroom wasn’t made for multi-tasking in the sense that it is a place where social exchanges are made as you are doing your number ones or twos. It’s even worse if people are in the bathroom and engaged in discussions as they are sitting on the toilets doing number two. WHO does that, and WHY?

The other day I was totally in the bathroom, at the stall, standing there doin’ my thang when someone came in, briskly walked past, and then proceeded to greet me and begin a conversation as he started to do whatever it was he was doing. I finished what I was doing so fast, washed my hands (another pet-peeve is when people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, but that’s another story all together), and then bolted out of there like it was no body’s business.

Bathroom chatter makes me feel weird. Just don’t talk to me… in the bathroom.


Here’s something random. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with a brand of tea called “Silkenty.” I think it’s a tea from Sri Lanka. The tea bags are made into this pyramid-shaped pouch, and are filled with herbs, tea leaves, etc. After the tea steeps, the bag becomes somewhat engorged with water. It is when the tea bag is in this state of engorgement that it actually looks creepy. Everything becomes so clumped together, and it just looks disgusting; I often second-guess myself for wanting to actually drink the tea just because it looks scary.

I know that this was a senseless post, but whatever. I had to say what I was feeling, and so I did. HA.

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OMG YAYSON! said...

there's a guy in my office that doesnt wash his hands even after #2s. So whenever there is finger food around we never eat it after he touches it.